Hearth at Greenhouse is a new communal safe space committed to creative-healing, learning-peace, and survival-skill-sharing. We offer three separate rooms-atmospheres.

Hearth functions under the premise of individuals utilizing the space for their creative-healing-practice while also sharing their skills and wisdom with the community. Individuals are always welcome to maintain their own practice alongside the communal-sharing-practices, when or if they do not wish take part (introvert-safe-space). After visiting Hearth at least three times, individuals may host a communal-sharing-practice.

Hearth is in its infancy. We invite you to come around, experience the atmosphere and meet other participants to truly understand our aims.

stephie∆ali∆upsidogi is the founding peace-warrior of Hearth. She will welcome you to the space and introduce you to the day’s participants and program. Her main communal-sharing-practice is the together-strong-peace-dance, a body awareness exploration focused on breath, stretching and joyful movement.

We practice-learn in the Green House > Tempelhof > Berlin, beginning February 2019, every Friday from 13:00. During this time, Green Room Theatre is an alcohol free space. We offer vegan soup* and homemade teas on a donation basis. Everyone is welcome so far as you work to respect and maintain our hearth values.

*stone soup > bring a veggie to add into our communal pot!



  • enter with the intention of exploring your own creative being

  • enter with the intention of maintaining peace in the community

  • understand that if conflict arises, mediation will take place, with the goal of maintaining the safe-space-community



Friday Feb∆15∆2019

rhythm and beats played all day long

13:00 Welcome Tea

14:00 together-strong-peace-dance >stephie∆ali∆upsidogi

15:00 Soup is ready!

17:00 SUNSET together-strong-peace-dance OVER BERLIN

20:00 together-strong-peace-dance >stephie∆ali∆upsidogi

Please send a message if you are interested in visiting. Then we will share with you directions to find us in Greenhouse.


1.2.19 The first incarnation of Hearth was rad. It was a slow swelling wave, cooperative, communal, patient. The perfect beginning for a life-experiment-practice.

sink into this space - feel all the walls dissolving - reality grows

visitors-guests-participants ∆a musician-not-musician-kind-new-friend ∆a fierce-student-teacher-comrade ∆an honest-humble-warrior ∆a wise-graceful-giggle ∆a resistance-summoner-writer ∆an eloquent—sharp-eye ∆a rebel-incognito ∆a bubbling-singing-spring ∆a rad-dog-named-lava

soup 10 mouths fed with (7€) big butternut squash, sour apple, sweet apple, big celery nob, garlic, ginger, cinnamon, turmeric, salt, balsamic vinegar, spicy mustard

3 discussed ideas-perspectives

Evolution is slow, it takes time, it does not waste time, it can not be sped up without compromising design-balance-harmony.

Gravity can be felt and built.

Improvisation has 3 possible moves. 1. play with the other 2. play against the other 3. do nothing.

we need

an acoustic piano, help learning German in a creative-engaging way, money

things upsidogi discovered

my dancing shadow when created by colored-shifting-light is RAD and bizarre

8.2.19 Round two. Concentrated. Cycles revealed. Wisdom arrived.

this blooming orchid - can’t be willed or forced to open - nature is slow mo - hips walking upright - clicking beat hearts align wind - shifts water flows down

visitors-guests-participants ∆an inquisitive-nose ∆a honest-ally ∆a sprinting-through-the-thicket-of-the-mind ∆a sun-seeking-summoner ∆a smile-felt-a-ripple ∆a sharp-undertone ∆blues-and-metal

stone soup 4 mouths fed with (5€) 1/2 white cabbage, 2 carrots, black vinegar, turmeric, sumac, 3 dried chilies, brown sugar, needed more salt *gifted parsley root (our first stone soup!)

3 discussed ideas-perspectives

The only constant is the individual.

emergent events - emergent beats - emergent patterns - emergent rhythms

The Blues the blues the blues

we need

a small sail boat, a bike

things upsidogi discovered

stay still and a wondrous world will wash up on my shores


open blinds to sun - window to sounds outside in - they dance with us - slow mo nomad witch - sits still inside boxed in - energy awaits

visitors-guests-participants ∆a rock-of-strength-and-courage ∆a whisper-seeking-language ∆a truthful-tired-warrior

soup 4 mouths fed with (6€) a huge sweet potato, parsnip, 2 apples, 3 onions, garlic, can of white beans, caraway, thyme, balsamic vinegar, chili, salt

3 discussed ideas-perspectives

Inaction (a choice to not participate) employed as the action of resistance.

The individual’s voice is not respected by our current society. Accessibility to learning a language must be secured (vocal, musical, visual, technological) as simply having a voice is not enough to be listened to.

Architecture dictates our movements and molds our relationships.

we need

a safe-secure-space

things upsidogi discovered

dont need permission - to use this body - set free possibilities