the missed spaces, the missed places, the missed times, the missed rhymes, the missed persons I could have been or will be, the fear that restricts me, the choices that elate me, the food that prolongs, the life that kills and opens and winds up and scares and tears and screws, inspires and heightens and pitches and rolls and drowns and crowns and takes hold of and molds and breaks and pours into and empties and burns.

and here we steal away together

∆upsidogi ritual III I

∆from today, here and now, upsidogi writes directly into the books. of these bookshelves. this is upsidogi∆

upsidogi watches from high in her nest, down into the garden∆world. where she has just been-nurturing-slowing-watching-dancing. upsidogi watches as a human moves through the garden∆world. human looks. stop-watch-learns. they look up at upsidogi. she waves. they wave.

we got this

upsidogi stop-watch-learns her demons. and now they have begun to talk. her demon turns and whispers, honey and thorns dripping from their lips,

each interaction is sacred <Jun 16 recorded 16.6.18>

upsidogi is learning. not just stop-watch-learning, but sinking in the mud of the sea floor. a stop-feel-learn. upsidogi’s shamans arrive. and keeps arriving. d told upsidogi her demon can be her ally. to stop-feel-learn them. to offer them the open-warm-waiting-palm.

each interaction is sacred.

now when upsidogi comes up for what was air when the world was upsidedown, she suffocates. air in this upsidedown world is fear-hate-violence. she feels how humans breath fear-hate-violence. she feels how she too breaths fear-hate-violence. how easy it is. but upsidogi works to do the stop-feel-learn-dance with her self and with other humans.




try <Jun 12 recorded 9.6.18>

like plowing a frozen field. the together-strong-peace-dance is a hard dance to do in this upsidedown world. this is the upsidedown world because humans do not even know it is a dance to do. the together-strong-peace-dance is a hacking through the jungle of what stephie learned, of what ali learned. hack through the learned fear-hate-jungle. gently. and listen. upsidogi stop-watch-listens to peace-ripples lapping at her body.

we got this

upsidogi does the loose-wrist-shake when she gets scared-fear-doubt. she shakes it off. shakes it away. and she breaths. breaths. deeper. slower.

we got this

do the together-strong-peace-dance upsidogi. first with yourself. don’t feed the fear-hate. shake it off mamma, we got this mamma. don’t feed the child’s tantrum. <Jun 14 recorded 14.6.18> let them tire, wailing mamma in your arms. let them sleep. we will calm down. we will clean up. we will be doing the together-strong-peace-dance when they wake. <Sep 9 VI ∆The Vortex>

the raven and the echo caw. upsidogi moves downhill toward-through-with neighborhood-birds-trees-sky-swirl



∆upsidogi ritual III II

∆upsidogi ritual III